Sound Feel System

Feel music, films and games with the whole body. Are you ready?

Feel your Sound

Four vibrating zones convert acoustic signals into tangible impulses. Your brain assembles the impulses of the four zones in such a way that you can locate the game contents on your body in any direction.

Compatible with all devices with BlueTooth or analogue interface.


 Be penetrated by world-wide most intensive vibrations

 Feel dimensional

Experience first time a multi-dimensional spacial sound on your whole body.


Experience the sound feel system when ever and where ever you are.

What our Users say


It was an fantastic experience, to test the Pad-Extreme. Especially when watching movies! It is a cool idea also for people with hearing handicap. Now the can feel the music.



Highest core ranking is in short supply for us. The SenseForce Pad-Extreme makes it difficult to find any weaknesses. It is that mature, that we made a completely new Gaming and Home Cinema experience.

Gamer's Potion -

Music feeling is the HAMMER!

Music and videos are the absolute highlights and light bulb moment, meaning if you get completely hammered, without the need to concentrate. This was also the usual experience in Nuremberg, when the gamers have tested the Pad. Music with the Pad is the HAMMER !

Christof -

An absolute Must!

Not only me was excited by the Pad-Extreme. The very high-quality workmanship seems modern and is comfortable right into the last corner. Summarizing I only can say: for each Core Gamer and all perons who love good entertainment is the Pad-Extreme an absolute MUST !

Rena -

Euer Pad-Extreme ist der Knaller!

Auf der EGX in Berlin getestet. Man muss es einfach erlebt haben! Eine Seatmat mit Erlebnisqualität. Was will man mehr, als seine Games und Musik schon fühlen zu können?

Tested during the EGX in Berlin. You simply must have experienced it ! A seatmat with adventure quality. What do you want more than to feel your games and music?

Andreas 'The WoW Guy'

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Test the Pad-Extreme for 30 days in your home......completely without any risk !